Empowering Aurora Residents with Renewable Energy

Electricity rates can cause anxiety every month. Electricity prices based on fossil fuels and other harmful raw materials are about as consistent as the weather. In fact, Aurora residential electricity can choose to power their homes with wind energy as a more consistent alternative. The days of dreading the arrival of the power bill are over. Instead, you can look forward to contributing to the health of the planet.

Star Energy Infographic

How We Heal the Earth

When you pay the electric bill, you usually just get some electricity. However, when Aurora residential electricity customers choose to switch to clean energy, they get the peace of mind that they have helped save the earth. Alternative energies like hydro energy, wind energy, and biomass energy have the potential to make fossil fuels a thing of the past.

Enjoy Clean Energy

Star Energy Partners connects customers to green energy suppliers. We’ll send you a quote comparing your current electricity prices to the fixed rate price you could enjoy by switching to clean energy. When you’re ready, we will let your electricity company know you want to do more than just turn on the lights. When you buy renewable energy, you guarantee the lights will stay on for generations to come. Bundle your peace of mind and the preservation of the planet into one convenient package.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.