Energy Efficiency Programs in Ohio

If you are looking to become more energy efficient, the state of Ohio is ready to assist you! There are currently many programs available in Ohio, which should help increase your energy efficiency and save you money. Below you will find an overview of some of these programs.

Alternative Fuel Transportation Program

The Ohio Alternative Fuel Transportation Program is a state program that aims to improve Ohio’s air quality through financial assistance to any business, nonprofit organization, school district, or local government that purchases and installs alternative fuel facilities or terminals. Some examples of alternative fuel include biodiesel, ethanol, blended biodiesel, and blended gasoline.

Building Operator’s Certification

The Building Operator’s Certification is a professional certification for staff who operate and maintain commercial or public buildings. The certification involves learning about energy efficient building operation.

This certification program is offered at two levels: Level I training teaches energy-efficient building maintenance practices and is a comprehensive training course for those new to the industry. Level II training focuses on advanced equipment troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. This training is designed to follow Level I certification and is ideally for those with at least three years of experience in the industry.

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Conversion Facilities Tax Exemption

The Conversion Facilities Tax Exemption is a tax exemption administered by the Ohio Department of Taxation. The exemption applies to certain property state sales and use taxes if the property is used in energy conservation, thermal-efficiency improvements and the conversion of solid waste to energy.

If you believe you are eligible for such a tax exemption, the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Energy Office will provide a technical review of your equipment to ensure it is up to date with the Ohio Revised Code. Then an opinion will be issued to the Ohio Department of Taxation, and a final decision will be made.

Energy Efficiency Program for Manufacturers

The Energy Efficiency Program for Manufacturers is a multi-phase energy efficiency program designed to help Ohio manufacturers reduce their costs through financial assistance that will diagnose, plan, and implement cost-effective energy efficiency improvements at their facilities.

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Energy Loan Fund

The Energy Loan Fund is a program that provides cheap financing for energy improvements to small businesses, manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and public entities. These energy improvements are designed to reduce energy usage and associated costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, and create and retain jobs.

The next application period for this loan will begin in March 2015. To apply, email to request notification when the application is made available to the public.

Ohio Coal Research and Development Program

The Ohio Research and Development Program is designed to increase the energy efficiency of Ohio by investing in research that will more efficiently make use of Ohio’s large quantity of coal. If you are currently looking to fund research related to coal energy efficiency, this is the program for you!

Qualified Energy Project Tax Exemption

The Qualified Energy Project Tax Exemption is a tax exemption from the public utility tangible personal property tax for those currently hosting renewable, clean coal, advanced nuclear, and cogeneration energy projects on their property.

If you wish to apply for this tax exemption, applications are available on the website. Deadlines are December 31, 2015 for renewable energy projects and December 31, 2017 for clean coal, advanced nuclear, and cogeneration projects.

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