3 Cost-Effective Strategies for Businesses to Cut Energy Costs

Being a business owner means operating as efficiently as possible, cutting costs without sacrificing the quality of your performance. While some owners opt to cut production costs with staffing or equipment changes, it’s usually less intensive to cut back on electricity expenditures.

Utility bills for large companies can be gargantuan, but with that quality, even small habit changes and non-intensive energy conservation techniques can have a substantial impact on your payments. If you’re trying to learn how to save electricity in your business, try one of these cost-effective strategies:

  1. Enforce a lights-off policy at the office. This strategy is relatively straightforward. Outside of your normal office hours, enforce a lights-off policy that extends to computers, phones, copy machines, and any other equipment you have. At a certain time, all lights, appliances, and devices should be turned off and unplugged. You can either use an automatic timer or make it mandatory that your staff comply with these changes.
  2. Compromise on temperature. In summer months, keep your thermostat two degrees higher than usual. In winter, keep it two degrees lower. Two degrees isn’t enough to make a substantial difference for most workers, but it is enough to have a serious impact on your electric bill.
  3. Use the natural power of your windows. Keep your windows wide open during the day to maximize the natural light and minimize the need for artificial bulbs. It can also keep your office warmer in winter. In summer, it might be more advantageous to block that sunlight with a reflective curtain.

Of course, it’s also possible to do an overhaul of your facility: install new machines, update your doors and windows, repair or replace your air ducts. But for most business owners, this could cost more than it would ultimately save in the short-term. Instead, try for one of these cost-effective strategies and keep reading the Star Energy Partners blog for more ways to save energy.