4 Big Changes You Can Make to Save Money on Electricity

While some homeowners prefer to save money on electricity by the accumulation of several small changes, such as unplugging major appliances when not in use or using ceiling fans to keep cool in summer, other homeowners would rather make bigger investments to generate bigger savings.

The more money you put into upgrading the efficiency of your home, the more savings you’ll accrue in the long term. Plus, depending on what kinds of changes you make, you could even improve the overall value of your home!

Try these four big changes you can make to save money on electricity:

  1. Install new windows and insulation. The tiny holes and air leaks around windows can significantly impair your heating or cooling efforts. Remedy this by installing new windows, and while you’re at it, new insulation to keep your internal temperature stable.
  2. Upgrade your appliances. Even if your appliances are less than a decade old, there’s a chance a newer model can drastically reduce your electricity consumption. For example, an LED-lit television uses far less power than its plasma screen counterpart.
  3. Install a remotely controllable thermostat. Take full control over your heating and cooling by purchasing a smart thermostat that can be remotely controlled with your mobile device.
  4. Choose a new electricity provider. Choosing a new electricity provider is actually easier than you might think. In fact, it’s the cheapest and fastest task on this list. All you need to do is find a supplier like Star Energy Partners who can offer you a competitive rate with terms that favor your lifestyle, and sign a contract to make the switch.

These changes may not be cheap, but they will eventually pay for themselves in terms of how much money you save on electricity. For more energy saving tips, keep reading the Star Energy Partners blog!