4 Daily Habits to Help You Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

There are many ways to lower your electricity bill, but many of them involve investing in your home with energy efficient appliances and extensive energy audits, which range from easy to difficult to perform. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re interested in finding ways to save money on electricity, but you may not want to spend the time or money to make enormous home improvements.

Fortunately, there are more simple ways to lower your electric bill. Making adjustments to your daily habits might not seem like they make a big impact, but when done consistently over a period of time, your savings will add up significantly.

Put these daily habits and habit changes into practice and start saving money on electricity:

  1. Always turn off the heat or air conditioning when leaving the house. The sooner you get into practice, the sooner it will become a habit. Your house doesn’t need to be at an optimal temperature if you’re not in it.
  2. Set a timer for your showers. Hot water requires electricity, so set a timer for you and your family’s showers. Five to eight minutes is plenty for most people.
  3. Unplug your appliances before going to bed. It may seem like a pain at first, but saving eight hours’ worth of electricity from plugged in appliances every day will really add up.
  4. Do more tasks that require light during the day. It will allow you to use the power of natural lighting and save yourself from needing extra artificial lighting at night.

Small changes can make a big difference over time. If you’re interested in more simple ways to save money on electricity, check out Star Energy Partners to see plan details and rates from electric utility suppliers in your area.