4 Ways an Energy Audit Could Save You Money on Your Electric Bill

Business owners and homeowners share a similar burden of managing electricity consumption and costs. With the right approach and commitment to energy efficiency, homeowners and business owners can cut their energy usage and electricity bills significantly. Unfortunately, many people struggle with deciding where to begin or how to identify key areas for improvement.

Energy audits exist to help individuals find the areas of their home or business that could be improved to save more energy. Performing an energy audit can save you money in four different ways:

  1. It identifies appliances and devices that need to be upgraded. If you’re like most Americans, there are dozens of appliances, electronics, and fixtures that are currently out-of-date and are not designed to efficiently handle energy input. Energy audits identify those areas for improvement.
  2. It suggests pattern changes to minimize electricity loads. You likely have habits and/or faulty equipment and appliance setups that minimize your energy efficiency. Energy audits can correct these practices to put you in a better position to save energy.
  3. It pinpoints key areas of energy loss. One of the most important elements of an energy audits is that  you’ll be able to identify air leaks and points of poor insulation that cause you to heat or cool your home inefficiently.
  4. It provides you tools and resources to upgrade efficiently. With a professional energy audit, you’ll be given access to all the tools and resources you need to follow through on the auditor’s advice, including government rebates and sources of financing to reduce the cost of installation.

Pursuing an energy audit isn’t right for everyone, but it can identify key areas to improve and lower energy consumption and costs. If you’re interested in saving money  in addition to getting a lower price by shopping with a competitive retail supplier, be sure to check out Star Energy’s eCAP program and find competitive prices from energy providers in your area.