4 Ways to Save Money on Electricity and Improve Your Home Value

Finding little ways to save energy is easy, but when you want to save money on electricity over the long term, it’s better to make major adjustments to your home. As an added bonus, most of those long-term efficiency improvements will actually improve the value of your home, putting you in a better financial position should you ever decide to sell.

Consider these four long-term home improvements to lower your electricity bill and raise the value of your home:

  1. Install energy efficient windows. Leaky windows are a major cause of lost heating and cooling efficiency in older homes. Upgrading your windows to more energy efficient models will save you money by reducing your heating and cooling costs, and they’re an attractive feature to prospective homebuyers.
  2. Replace old appliances with energy efficient models.  Upgrade to a more efficient model might cost a bit up front, but most upgrades will end up saving you money in the long-term. Big appliances, like the refrigerator and stove, probably won’t be moving with you, and energy efficient versions could drive up the total value of your home.
  3. Improve the insulation. Almost all homes have some type of basic insulation, but upgrading and maintaining your insulation is usually a smart financial move. Check your attic and areas where ducts or wires lead outside especially.
  4. Maintain your air ducts regularly. It isn’t a one-time project, but maintaining your air ducts regularly will help your heating and cooling efficiency. It will also make your home appear better cared for, which is an appealing feature for homebuyers.

Put these improvements in place to save money on electricity and raise the value of your home by proxy. And if you’re interested in more ways to save money on electricity, consider using Star Energy Partners to compare offers from electricity providers.