6 Appliances to Upgrade Soon to Save Money on Electricity

The types of appliances you run and how often you run them are two of the biggest factors in the cost of your electricity bill. Older models generally require more time to operate, and they use energy less efficiently, eventually resulting in greater charges on your bill.

Fortunately, advances in technology and greater consumer demand have allowed an exponentially increasing trend of energy efficient appliances that perform better work while consuming less electricity. Upgrading to these newer models sometimes costs extra money initially, but most of the time, you’ll end up saving money from the switch in the long run.

These six appliances are some of the most important to replace in a typical household:

  1. Refrigerator. Your refrigerator is constantly working to stay cool, so you want something that can get the job done efficiently. Upgrade to a new model with better insulation and more advanced cooling technology.
  2. Washer. Your washer needs to be able to run on as little water and as little electricity as possible. Newer models have the ability to do just that.
  3. Dryer. Accompanying the washer, old dryers are some of the most expensive appliances around, using untold quantities of energy to heat-dry clothes each cycle.
  4. Dishwasher. Like your clothes washer, your dishwasher uses both electricity and water to perform its duties, so upgrading to an energy efficient model can save you money on your electricity and water bill.
  5. Television. Televisions use more electricity than most people realize. If you haven’t upgraded to an efficient, flat screen model, now is the time to do so.
  6. Air Conditioner. Your air conditioner needs to be able to cool your home using as little energy as possible, or you could lose hundreds of dollars in lost electricity efficiency.

Once these appliances are all upgraded to energy efficient models, you’ll be able to save money on electricity easier than ever. For more energy saving tips, be sure to keep reading the Star Energy Partners blog and consider switching your electricity provider toStar Energy Partners!