Energy Saving Challenges as Ways to Save on an Electric Bill

There are countless ways to save on your electric bill for the informed homeowner or business owner. Investment-heavy long-term strategies, such as replacing all appliances with energy efficient models, is a great way to lower electricity cost over time, and switching energy providers could be an effective way of reducing your total cost of electricity.

Beyond those large-scale strategies, there are more simple means of implementing an energy efficiency campaign. Working with your family or with your coworkers to create a team-based campaign to saving money on electricity can establish a mutual commitment to energy efficiency.

Together with your family, create habits such as:

  • Turning the heat or air conditioning off when nobody is home
  • Unplugging any major appliances when not in use
  • Using more energy efficient options for certain appliances, such as cold water cycles for the washer
  • Turning off any lights upon exiting a room

Together with your employees, create habits such as:

  • Unplugging computers and other appliances when the office closes
  • Discouraging the use of individual space heaters and other unnecessary energy hogs
  • Turning off all lights at the close of business
  • Monitoring the thermostat to ensure reduced energy consumption

Once you’ve established some ground rules for your energy saving challenge, develop some rewards for individuals who perform the best or most consistently. For family members or children, take them out for a special treat. For employees, offer a small bonus as a token of your appreciation.

In addition to saving money on electricity through energy saving challenges, make sure you’ve done your research on electricity providers to lock in the most competitive program.