How Small Changes can Make a Big Impact on Your Electric Bill

Homeowners are striving for energy efficiency now more than ever, in part to reduce their impact on the environment, but mostly to save electricity and lower electricity bills. While there are big ticket options to reduce a home’s demand for energy, such as installing an alternative energy generator like solar panels or a windmill, most homeowners opt for smaller, more manageable changes.

These smaller, low-cost, minimum effort changes may not seem like much, but making several of these choices can dramatically lower your electricity bills. Review the following strategies and see how much money you could potentially save:

  • Replacing your five most commonly used light fixtures with fluorescent or LED light bulbs is enough to make a major impact on your electric bills. By cutting energy usage by more than 12 percent, you could save up to $70 per year.
  • Sealing and insulating your air ducts will not only improve the internal temperature and air circulation of your home, it will also reduce your energy consumption. This simple step can save you almost 20 percent on your electric bill.
  • Unplugging your electronic devices while they’re not in use can cut up to 75 percent of the total electricity they consume.
  • Replacing your windows is a somewhat more extensive step, but it’s a wise choice for any home with antiquated windows. Replacing an old-fashioned single pane window with a newly constructed Energy Star certified window could save you up to $125-$340 a year in electricity costs, just from reducing air leaks and improving insulating capacity.

Keep in mind that not all electricity providers are the same. Aside from offering a very competitive price for electricity, Star Energy Partners can review your energy consumption patterns and help you find the best energy savings solutions to further lower your electricity bill.