How to Save Money on Electricity with Indoor Safety Tips

Electricity powers our everyday lives. Though technology keeps evolving to make electricity safer and less expensive, there are still steps you can take to lower your electricity bill and ensure you use appliances and electric devices appropriately.

Check out these top indoor safety tips to prevent accidents and learn how to save money on electricity:

  1. Avoid electric cords that have frayed or cracked. If you notice the cord for any electrical device is fraying or cracking, make sure to replace it immediately. Older cords might also belong to older, inefficient appliances; you can replace these appliances with newer models to save money on electricity.
  2. Unplug appliances when you aren’t using them and avoid overloading an outlet with too many appliances. Not only will it cut back on your energy consumption, it could also lower the risk of an accident if you have many appliances plugged into one location.
  3. Unplug cords by pulling from the plug, not from the cord. It might be slightly more convenient, but you could damage the plug or fray the cord by yanking it away.
  4. Never use metal to dislodge something from electric appliances. You could risk harming yourself with an electric shock.
  5. Never force a plug into an outlet. If it doesn’t fit securely and easily, you shouldn’t be using it.

Keep these tips in mind for your home or office, and you’ll cut back on your electricity bill while minimizing the chance of an electric-related accident. For more tips on energy efficiency and safety, keep reading the Star Energy Partners blog, and watch out for our next piece on outdoor safety tips!