Lower Your Electricity Bills For Good

Spring is here, and consumers may finally see their utility bills drop. According to The Times Union, New York homeowners — and many others all across the U.S. — can rely on a slighter cheaper April electricity bill. But is it enough? Americans’ monthly energy bills average out to $95.66 — which means that saving a few dollars here and there may not cut it. The good news is there are things you can do. Making these changes will put a significant dent in electricity bills:

Take Advantage of Off-Peak Rates

Many homeowners do not realize that they can save a considerable amount of cash by watching what times they use their hot water heater and large appliances. Off-peak times vary — but typically they begin at 8:00 p.m. Whenever possible, take late-night showers or run that load of laundry right before you go to bed. Woman’s Day recommends investing in a timer that will automatically turn off your hot water heater when you leave for work, and turn it back on again when off-peak hours begin. Call gas and electric providers for more information about off-peak hours and discounted rates.

Ditch Expensive Electric Utility Suppliers

All electric service providers are not created equal. In fact, electricity is deregulated in most states — meaning companies compete for your business. In other words, companies may very well offer different rates, payment plans, and incentives for green energy. If your electricity bill is persistently high, keep in mind that gas and electric providers may be to blame. Compare electricity providers online to ensure that you are paying a reasonable rate.

Embrace The Green Life

Going green isn’t just for hardcore environmentalists. Making some eco-friendly changes may help save the planet, but it can also shave hundreds off your annual energy bills. Cover windows with energy-efficient films, or plant saplings in front of windows (they’ll offer considerable energy savings in a few years!). Three trees can reduce energy bills by at least 30%, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Get the better of unreasonably high electric bills. Significantly lower energy costs by making the most of off-peak rates, switching electricity providers, and going green to lower monthly utility bills.