Prepare Your House for Summer to Save Money on Electricity

For many residential energy consumers, summertime means either sweating in the sweltering heat or cranking up the air conditioning and being faced with a massive electricity bill. Most people know a few tricks, such as selectively cooling the house or using ceiling fans to your advantage, but if you go a step further and make some long-term alterations to your home and habits, you can save some serious money on electricity:

  • Use light colored blinds or curtains to your advantage. Keep them lowered in the daytime, when the sunlight is at its brightest, to keep excess heat out of your house. Raise them up at night to open the windows and let the naturally cooler air flow in.
  • Clean out your air ducts if your home uses central air, and replace your air conditioning filters no matter what kind of air conditioning you use. The improved efficiency of the air conditioning system will be noticeable both in cooling and in your eventual energy costs.
  • Plant trees along the sun-facing side of your home to block out the sun as much as possible. Many homeowners are amazed at how much of a difference it makes.
  • Ventilate your attic if you have one, since attics can easily overheat in direct sunlight.
  • Limit your use of appliances that generate heat, such as the stove and oven. Less intense heat is generated by electronics like televisions and computers.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on electricity throughout the year, stay tuned to our blog, Star Energy Partners Insights. You’ll find ample energy management tips to simplify your life, reduce your energy consumption, and best of all—lower your electricity bill.