Top 3 Strategies to Lower Your Electric Bill

Most homeowners understand that improving home energy efficiency saves money on electricity bills and positively impacts the environment. There are dozens of small strategies that can accumulate enough to have a big impact on electricity bills and the environment. But it’s difficult to know which strategies are the most impactful.

In this feature, we present the three of the best ways to save money on your electricity bills :

  1. Insulation and Sealing. One of the biggest sources of energy expenditure in any house is the heating and cooling, especially during the extreme months of summer and winter. Simple checks and adjustments to your insulation can help your home stay temperature regulated to lower your heating and cooling costs. Make sure all areas around doors and windows are properly sealed as well.
  2. Heating and Cooling Adjustments. There are a few strategies that can help you heat and cool more efficiently regardless of your insulation, and all of them can save you money in the long term. Choose to heat or cool only specific rooms rather than the whole house, keep your systems running on a timer so they don’t waste any energy when you’re not home, and regularly maintain your systems so their performances don’t deteriorate over time.
  3. Lighting and Appliance Efficiency. Eventually, you’ll want to make sure your light bulbs and appliances are updated to energy efficient models. Use fluorescent lighting and ensure all your major appliances are energy star certified.

By paying careful attention to these three strategies, you can save significant money on your electricity bills, especially if you implement all three together on a regular basis. For more news and information on energy efficiency and developments in the energy industry, stay tuned to the Star Energy Partners blog.