How You Can Use Solar Energy Outside Of Your Home

Utilize Solar Energy Outside Of Your Home

You try to use solar energy as much as you can in your own home, but what about outside of your home? Your house isn’t the only place you can use solar energy. The more you use solar energy,  the more preservation you will be doing for the environment. Not only that, but you’ll also be saving money too! Consider some of these solar energy applications and make them a habit.

Phone Cases With Solar Panels

There are some smartphone cases that come with solar panels in the back. When the panel faces the sun, it can charge your phone. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this can be more than ideal for you. Forget finding an outlet and carrying around your charger! You can use a natural resource to help charge your phone.

Boats That Run On Solar Energy

There are boats that are designed to run on solar energy because of solar panels and other accessories. You don’t have to have added fuel or oil because the sun generates the electricity the motor and appliances need. As the technology develops, some boats can even go on long-range trips without fossil fuels.

Solar-Powered Tents And Cooking Stoves

You don’t want to have to idle your car to charge up devices because you can use solar energy instead. There are plenty of solar-related devices that work well for campers like charging stations, cooking stoves, solar-powered tents and more. Forget about the propane tanks and go solar.

Flashlights With Solar Power

Who wants to buy expensive batteries all the time only to run out when you need them the most? Flashlights can store solar energy so you can use them when you need to see in the event of a power outage or another emergency.

Pools With Solar Energy Instead Of Gas

Most pools get a lot of sun so it’s only natural to use the sun’s heat to transfer heat into the pool. You can put solar panels on the pools cover in order to retain the heat in the water. There are also solar tubes available to heat the pool like you would with gas. You just use solar energy instead of gas power.

Solar Lighting

If you have any landscape lights, you can probably put solar panels on them. They are easier to install with no wires involved and you get the light you need every night after they recharge from the sun. There are cities and residential areas that have solar lighting as well. They can save money in the long run and increase safety.

Start With Your Home And Go From There

There are so many uses for solar energy, it’s hard to list them all. If you want to start incorporating solar energy, your home is a good place to make the initial transition. Now, you could install solar panels, but that would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Instead, contact Star Energy Partners and look into getting solar energy from a green energy provider. We’re here to get you the clean energy you want with as little hassle as possible.