Help the Earth by Using Green Energy Suppliers 5-5

How You Help the Earth by Using Green Energy Suppliers

Green Energy Suppliers Provide Clean, Renewable Energy

Every year, over two million tons of carbon emissions pollute the air we breathe as a result of our overdependence on fossil fuels. Coal, natural gas, and oil power provide 80% of the world’s power and also a majority of its pollution. Green energy suppliers give you a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, and all other sustainable energy sources can produce the same amount of energy as fossil fuels but without the environmental costs.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

There is a natural carbon cycle that removes carbon from the atmosphere and converts it back into oxygen. Normally the ocean and forests act as sinks and absorb the carbon gas, balancing the ratio of oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere. However, at the rate we are consuming energy and producing these toxic gases, the mass amounts of carbon gas can’t be absorbed.

Most air pollutants are produced during the production of electricity, so when you switch to clean energy from an alternative energy supplier, you substantially decrease your carbon footprint.

Reduce Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are a result of hundreds of millions of years of heat and compression on organic materials. The fossils fuels we are currently using and depleting come from the Paleozoic era, before even the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Once we’ve consumed all the fossil fuels we can find, there won’t be sustainable source replacing it and we won’t have any means to power our society.

Switching to renewable energy now helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels so that later we don’t create an unsolvable energy crisis.

Expand Green Energy Industry

Renewable energy currently produces around 20% of the world’s power, but only about 13% of the United State’s electricity. When you use alternative energy from green energy suppliers you help support the growing infrastructure of our country’s renewable energy industry. Part of each bill you pay goes back to the energy suppliers who produce your energy to help them research, develop, and grow. They can build new wind farms or expand their current solar energy plant. They can even research tidal energy, a new form of green energy that harnesses the power created by moving ocean water during changing tides, or advance current solar panel models.

As you use alternative energy, you help the industry grow and become more efficient. Only through research and experimentation can renewable energy become a viable substitute for all of our fossil fuel consumption.

How You Help Yourself By Using Green Energy Suppliers

Using green energy suppliers doesn’t only help the earth, it also helps you. We offer a low fixed rate, big savings, no early termination fee, and an easy transition. In fact, it’s just as easy as paying your energy bill now. Except even easier, because you’ll know what to expect on your energy bill. No more guessing, no more surprises.

When you power your home with 100% green energy from our energy suppliers, you’ll finally be able to feel good about your energy consumption and your energy bill.