Myths About Your Renewable Energy Provider

Busting Myths About Your Renewable Energy Provider

Imagine a world free of pollution where we wouldn’t feel so helpless about climate change, the air we breathe, and all the other dangers we have created in the environment. That world is actually within our reach because of renewable energy provider options. But when you look into renewable energy, you might see a lot of things that you don’t like. But most (if not all!) of those negative items are actually myths. Let’s bust them so you can make a decision about renewable energy provider options based on truth!

Myth 1: Renewable Energy Provider Options Are Expensive

It’s true that placing solar panels on your roof or building a wind turbine in your backyard would be rather costly, but using a renewable energy provider isn’t. Solar and wind energy technology have grown in recent years and the cost of such energy has gone down. In fact, in many regions and countries, it’s actually the most economical solution for power. When you partner with Star Energy Partners, you’ll see steady bills at a fixed rate, which will be lower than what you pay now.

Myth 2: Renewable Energy Can’t Supply Electricity All Day, Every Day

Solar power is good enough for the lights in your landscaping, but can it really power your whole house all day and all night? Yes, it can! Renewable energy can meet our energy needs in a reliable, safe manner. The difference is, the energy comes from the sun, the wind, and other things that can be replenished. And it doesn’t pollute the earth when we use it.

Myth 3: Renewable Energy Is Actually Bad For The Environment

There are a number of studies that say a renewable energy provider is actually bad for the environment, but that’s just not true. Here are a few such instances:

Birds And Bats

Some argue against wind farms because they can kill birds and bats. However, before wind farms are constructed, the bird population and migratory patterns are assessed to ensure their safety.


Studies show that wind farms bring noise complaints, but the noise isn’t always the reason for complaint. People don’t hear anything from them, they simply complain based on aesthetic grounds and need another reason to issue complaints.

Land Use

Wind farmland can still be used for other things outside of the wind turbines. It’s not wasting land at all. Cattle can still graze and the land can be farmed.


Sure, creating wind turbines and solar panels puts a footprint on the earth, but studies have shown that solar panels offset their carbon footprint in about four years.

Partner With A Renewable Energy Provider

Now that you know the truth about renewable energy, it’s easy to see how it’s an advantage to both you and the environment. Who doesn’t want to make the world a greener place while saving money at the same time? Star Energy Partners will even make the arrangements with your current electricity provider to get you switched over.