Renewable Energy Shouldn’t Be Hard

Switching Over With Ease

You might want to build larger arm muscles, but finding the time and the energy to lift weights every day is just too hard! You’d like to renovate your bathroom, but saving the money and doing the work is hard! There are a lot of things that are hard and at times, life is complicated enough. The thought of switching to a renewable energy source can be difficult as well. You’re comfortable with your current utility company and while you don’t like the bills, it’s cumbersome to figure out another option. When it comes to Star Energy Partners, the switch couldn’t be easier. Here are some of the things we promise to do as your provider:

We Give 100% Green Energy

If you would like to have renewable energy, you’ll likely wonder how much of that energy you receive is actually green. Companies could just say they’re green and then give you whatever energy they want, right? Although some companies would do something like that, Star Energy Partners stands by providing 100% green energy. We want to pave a clean, safe, and better path for the future by expanding our use of green energy. It won’t be hard for you to switch over. Don’t worry about installing solar panels or a wind turbine. You just need our services and you’ll automatically be using green energy.

Prices Are Fixed And Protected

You know what’s hard? Not knowing what your energy bills are going. Sure, some regular utility companies have level payment plans, but after six months or a year, those can change and skyrocket at a moment’s notice. When you sign up with Star Energy Partners, you can push that worry out the window. We’ll give you a 36-month energy agreement that guarantees you level rates that are both fixed and protected. No more wondering what your bills will look like every month.

Forget Fees

If you cancel with a utility company before your term is up, you might have to pay early termination fees. We don’t want to make things hard for you at Star Energy Partners. Instead, we’ll let you out of your contract at any time if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the services you’ve received. There are no early-termination fees to worry about.

Easy Transferring

Energy companies are often purposefully complicated so you don’t have a shot at understanding what they do. With Star Energy Partners, we keep it simple. We have straightforward payment plans and we’ll even call your current utility company to get you switched over to us if you go with renewable energy.

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Getting renewable energy doesn’t have to be hard when you work with Star Energy Partners. Contact us today for a free estimate.