3 Major Ways New Efficiency Standards Impact Residential Energy Consumers

The United States Energy Department has finalized a series of new efficiency standards that will come into play gradually over the course of the next 30 years. The goal of these standards is to improve the efficiency of new electrical appliances, thereby reducing energy consumption, saving energy costs, and reducing environmental hazards that come from energy production and consumption.

With the new legislation, external power source standards have been elevated, requiring appliances like cell phones and laptops to covert power into lower voltages.

The most notable benefits for energy consumers include:

  • A lower electric bill. The new standards for these common household appliances means consumers will be using less electricity, therefore having new ways to save on electric bills. Consumers won’t see the change immediately, since the new efficiency standards will take years to fully roll out, but the Department estimates families will eventually save $4 billion on electricity.
  • Less pollution. The lower demand for electricity will also have a positive impact on pollution. According to the Department’s estimates, the new standards for energy efficiency will reduce carbon pollution by nearly 47 million metric tons.
  • More efficient appliances. Having more efficient appliances doesn’t just mean a lower electricity bill. It also means that these appliances will be able to hold a bigger charge longer and use that energy more efficiently for a longer battery life.

Don’t expect these changes to take effect right away. It will take years, or possibly even decades, for these changes to fully roll out. However, the Energy Department is on a constant mission to improve energy efficiency throughout the country. For more energy-related news and tips to lower your electric bill, stay tuned to Star Energy Partners.