5 Things You Didn’t Know About LEDs

LED lights have become increasingly popular as technology has advanced and these brilliant lights are simpler and less expensive to make and thus, less expensive to buy. However the low cost isn’t the only positive note about these fun lights – they are far more energy efficient and offer a much brighter light as well. Here are five things you may not have realized about the Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as LEDs.

  1. According to the Department of Energy, they can reduce your energy costs for lighting by as much as 80%.
  2. They do not contain the mercury found in today’s modern light bulbs and so are safe to dispose of.
  3. LEDs are safer to use because they do not conduct heat as well and so make for far less of a fire hazard – perfect for homes with children and the elderly.
  4. One good LED light can last with continual use for over 1,000 days.
  5. LEDS are easily used in solar and alternative power options.

While it is certainly a great thing to lessen your costs by switching your home’s lighting to LEDs, remember that you can also reduce your utility bills by simply making the effort to compare electric providers. An electricity provider comparison may allow you to opt for a lower rate or a fixed rate on your electric. When finding information to compare electric providers, you can go online and start looking for companies in your area. Typically, the rating and cost information will be on the website and you can look at several rates and options to see how an electricity provider comparison could save you on a regular basis.

Once you find the right company and the right rates, you can increase your savings by switching to LEDs and cutting back on the wattage you use.