Don’t Throw Your Money Out the Window: The Case For Insulated Windows

Windows are like the face of your home: they provide your house with light, warmth, and ventilation. Yet they can also have a negative impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Luckily, you can reduce those costs by purchasing energy-efficient insulated windows!

What are Insulated Windows?

Insulated windows are reinforced in one way or another to keep the elements outside, making it much easier to regulate the temperature in your home.

There are many different varieties of insulated windows, including:

  • Double-glazing: These windows use two different thicknesses of glass that are separated by a pocket of air in between to naturally improve insulation. In the past, double-glazed windows would result in condensation between the panes, but this is now quite uncommon.
  • Triple glazing: Triple glazing follows the same principles as double-glazing, except it utilizes an additional pane of glass in the middle. This type of window is more popular in northern regions where proper insulation is a must!
  • Low-E glass: This is a clear coating that is applied to one side of the glass in dual-pane windows. The E in Low-E stands for emissivity, the measurement of a surface’s ability to absorb or reflect radiant energy. The lower your emissivity score, the better your window will be at insulating heat loss.
  • Argon gas fill: Another top-tier option is to have argon gas installed between two panes of glass. This provides the same isolative properties without obstructing your view of the great outdoors!

Why Should You Invest in Insulated Windows?

Insulated windows save you money largely by following one simple principle: temperature control. Any form of insulation in your home will help to keep the elements outside, and creates a more controlled environment inside. This is important because it makes it much easier to manipulate the temperature in your home without having to spend a lot of energy.

For more specifics on how temperature control from insulated windows can save you money, check out this post from Ways2GoGreen Blog!


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