Get in the Business of Saving Energy

We spend a lot of time talking about saving energy at home, but the same principles can also be put to good use in the workplace! Below are some great energy efficiency tips specifically for your office—share these tips with your boss and wow them with your energy savvy!

  • First, one very timely example: turn off your computers before you head off for your holiday vacation! For example, a UK study from 2010 found that the country’s small businesses collectively wasted £40 million (that’s roughly $60.68 million given the current exchange rate) just by leaving their computers on for 10 days.
  • Install occupancy lighting sensors so that lights are only on when someone is in the room. There’s also the low-tech option of always turning the light off when you’re leaving the room.
  • Go LED! LED lights are better than conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in several ways: they last longer, they consume less energy, they produce less heat (which can help reduce your A/C costs), and they last a long time!
  • Install a programmable thermostat. With this handy device, you can change your office’s temperature while away from the office, and it will provide you with feedback on your energy usage and how you can adjust your consumption habits to save money.
  • If you’re moving into a new office, try to choose one that has a lot of windows. Windows let in natural sunlight, which will allow you to become less reliant on overhead lighting. Your employees will be happy to see the sunshine as well!
  • Consider having your employees work on laptops and tablets instead of desktop computers. These alternatives use considerably less energy, plus they are very mobile!
  • Make sure that all of your electronic equipment is running in its energy saving or economy mode.
  • Consider allowing your employees to telecommute from time to time. Having fewer employees in your physical office at any given time is one way to guarantee that you consume less energy than you normally would! Of course, this doesn’t have to mean telecommuting all of the time, either. You might try letting employees telecommute when they are feeling too ill to come into work, or if they are traveling on their way back from vacation, etc.
  • Look for ENERGY STAR rated equipment; it consumes less energy than traditional appliances.


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