Give the Gift of Energy Efficiency This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! That means it’s a great time to take advantage of deals on gifts for your loved ones. Why not step it up this year and get them something they’ll not only love, but also that will help them save money and energy throughout the year? Here are a few options:

  • ENERGY STAR-rated home entertainment devices like a DVD or Blu-ray player, stereo, cordless phone, TV, tablet, computer, etc. make for the perfect gifts for others, or a treat for yourself. These devices won’t waste as much electricity as comparable products.
  • If you want to actually gain some productivity out of your purchase, consider buying an energy-saving LCD monitor for the workplace or your home office. Who doesn’t love using a second monitor?
  • Decorative LED light strings are another great option. They’re festive, will make your home look great, and they won’t suck up too much electricity! You would likely put up holiday lights anyway, which makes these a great gift and a good investment in energy efficiency.
  • A CFL light bulb makes a great stocking stuffer if you want to get someone started on energy efficiency. They are a cheap and portable gift that can save your loved ones money on their energy bills throughout the year.
  • Battery chargers for rechargeable batteries. Odds are, you either already have or will be receiving gifts that require batteries to function. Investing in a rechargeable battery charger and some rechargeable batteries will help you enjoy those new devices and save energy for years to come!
  • An electric water kettle will keep you from having to use your stove to heat up water for hot chocolate or tea.
  • A programmable thermostat puts the power in your hands to control the temperatures in your home! Click here to learn more about the many benefits of a programmable thermostat.
  • A slow cooker makes the perfect gift for those that love cooking warm dishes! Whether or not they are more energy efficient than cooking with your stove is debatable, but their convenience speaks for itself!

Thinking about purchasing one of these gifts for a loved one? Make your purchase with the Star Energy Rewards app and receive cash-back rewards!