Enjoy Energy Savings and Cozy Feet with a Heating Pad

When your home gets chilly this winter, don’t instantly go for the thermostat to crank up the heat! Instead, consider getting yourself a heating pad and curling up under some blankets. You’ll save energy by keeping your thermostat on a low temperature, and you’ll definitely feel comfortable.

What are heating pads?

Normally, the primary uses of heating pads are medical therapy and pain reduction. However, they’re also great for warming up when it’s cold outside.

Think of them like a heated blanket, but just for your feet!

How will they increase your energy efficiency?

It’s much easier to keep yourself warm instead of keeping your entire home warm.

It’s all about making your hands and feet feel comfortable. When you’re cold, your body will reserve energy in your core to maintain necessary bodily functions (this makes sense, as most of your body’s important organs are located in your torso). The result is cold extremities. Therefore, a heating pad is one great option if you are simply hanging around the house, cozying up on the couch with a book, or binge watching Netflix.

The heating pad is an energy-efficient alternative to many other devices that aim to provide localized heat in a similar way. For example, Michael Bloch at Green Living Tips found that a heating pad used 12% of the energy of a comparable energy efficient fan heater!

A comfy pair of fuzzy socks, a warm carpet, and area rugs will also help keep your feet from getting cold. However, they can’t hold a candle to the heating power of your heating pad! To supplement your heating pad, you can even try wearing warm layers of clothing (or perhaps even gloves, hats, etc.) inside to keep yourself warm. Think of it as a fun wintery dress up game to play with your family!

For times when you want to curl up and stay cozy at home in the winter, then you should seriously consider investing in a heating pad—especially since you’ll receive cashback on your purchase if you use our Star Energy Rewards app!