How to Childproof Your Home and Save Energy

If your family or someone close to you is expecting a baby, one of the first things you’ll want to do is childproof your home—an expensive process full of hard work. However, did you know that it’s possible to save money and childproof your home at the same time?


One simple place to start is with your electric outlets. The top choice for securing your outlets is the outlet plug. There are two varieties that you can find: plastic, which simply plugs into your outlet like a cord would, effectively capping the outlet and making sure little hands can’t get in; and a swiveling plastic cage that covers your outlet. The major benefit of this second option is that you can keep your devices plugged in while securing your outlet.

The energy savings come from installing foam inserts behind your outlets to improve your home’s insulation. Heat and cold air can easily pass through the holes in your walls created to install outlets, especially if the wall is an exterior wall. Check out this simple tutorial for installing foam inserts behind your outlets!

Other electronics

Try to determine which of your cords are within the reach of little arms that might want to tug on them, then reorganize your room so that as few of these cords are exposed as possible. While doing your reorganizing, consider plugging all of your devices into surge protectors. Not only will this consolidate cords in one location, but it will also allow you to easily turn all of your devices off with the flick of a switch. Plus, surge protectors protect your devices from random power surges due to power outages, lightning strikes, etc.

Space heater

If your home uses space heaters in the winter, be aware of the danger they pose to children. Space heaters are hot to the touch and can seriously injure curious children. Ideally, you should be able to simply turn up your thermostat in your home to keep warm during the winter. However, if this is not an option in your home, you should consider purchasing one or more electric fireplace inserts. These inserts use electricity to generate heat and most are cool to the touch, making them incredibly child-friendly—though it’s still good to put them out of reach if possible!


Make sure all of your windows and window screens are secure—you don’t want your little one to fall out! In doing so, make sure your insulation and weather-stripping around your windows is up to snuff as well.


In the kitchen, your main concerns should be appliances and drawers/cabinets. For your appliances, namely your stove and refrigerator, be sure to purchase locking straps so that you can keep little hands from accidentally opening these appliances. The same goes for drawers and cabinets that are within a child’s reach.

While you are busy securing your kitchen, dust off the coils on the back of your refrigerator to keep your refrigerator operating at peak efficiency. Click here to learn more ways to increase the energy efficiency of your kitchen!

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