Now We’re Cooking With Gas…or Electricity? Choosing the Best Stove For Your Home

heating element and gas stove coil isolated next to each other

Should you have a gas or electric stove? If you are searching for a new range in your home, then you have likely wrestled with this question a lot. There are advantages to each option, but which one is the right choice for your family?

Electric Ranges

In some ways, electric ranges are clear upgrades over gas ranges. Electric ranges are incredibly easy to clean, thanks to their flat, ceramic surface. This even surface also distributes heat more uniformly than a gas range, which can be useful for preparing certain dishes. Electric ranges are also easier to heat up (there is no ignition required to start the heating process, like there is with a gas range) and come with a lot of extra features because of their modern design.

However, there are some drawbacks. That flat ceramic surface can be easily shattered if something heavy is dropped on it or if something very cold (say, ice water) is splashed onto a very hot burner. What’s more, the need for electricity will make your stove worthless when the power goes out—You might find yourself wishing that you had a toasty gas range instead!

Gas Ranges

The tried-and-true gas range is a well-known staple in homes across the nation. Gas ranges tend to cook quicker and cheaper than electric ranges, and the actual appliance is generally more affordable as well. That said, homes generally have an electric hookup for a stove, while gas hookups aren’t standard.

But What About Energy Efficiency?

The energy efficiency of these units can be difficult to compare to one another. While electric stoves tend to cost more to purchase and operate (since most electricity prices are higher than natural gas), electric stoves cook your food faster than a gas range. Therefore, the energy efficiency of each option can vary depending on how often you use your stove and how quickly you cook your food.

Ultimately, both are an acceptable option in your home, and the decision should come down to what makes the most sense for your family. Or, if you want a third option, consider investing in an induction cooktop!

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