Prepare For Winter: How To Save Energy In Cold Months

Winter months bring higher heating bills, and unless you have a wood stove or other off-the-grid method of heating your home, you may feel that you really don’t have much choice but to foot the bill. However, if you step back and take a look at your electricity providers for rates and other helpful solutions, you may find that you can lower your electricity costs by switching to a different electric company.

While those who live in rural areas may be limited to only one electric provider, most people will have at least two companies to choose from. When you do compare electric providers, be sure to look at much more than just the actual rate and cost.

You can also take action with these quick tips to cut back on energy usage in winter months:

  • Selectively heat your home by using a programmable thermostat and only heating specific rooms within your house.
  • Maintain your furnace by inspecting it for any damage or inefficiencies, and help it run as efficiently as possible.
  • Use insulating curtains to keep the warm air inside during the night, and let sunlight in during the day to naturally heat your home.
  • Make sure to seal any cracks or holes in your home—especially around windows and doors facing outside. You can use cheap insulation to add a layer of protection to your home.
  • Consider a renewable source of energy, such as geothermal or solar. Some companies today are trying to lower the rates by combining conventional electric power with alternatives as well. If this is an option, you may be able to lower your costs significantly as well as stay ecologically friendly.

Keeping your home warm doesn’t have to be expensive when you compare electric providers for a better rate and the full range of services they offer to help you become more energy efficient with a few simple tricks.