These Surprising Factors Impact Your Home’s Energy Usage

There are many factors that can influence the energy efficiency of your home, from the local weather to how you light each room. Here are a few surprising factors that might be costing you extra money right now!


  • The humidity levels in your home can make it feel warmer and cooler, depending on the current weather patterns. This extra layer of complexity to your home’s temperature control can make it more difficult to keep your rooms at comfortable temperatures—and it can cause you to waste a lot of extra money on energy costs! The best way to keep the humidity of your home’s air in check is to invest in a humidifier and a dehumidifier. These devices can help you regulate the amount of moisture in the air and keep those energy costs down.


  • Your water heater temperature might be costing you extra money as well. Most water heaters come with their temperature set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most households only require them to be set to 120 degrees. 120 degrees is a good temperature to aim for because it will greatly reduce the stress on your water heater while still keeping your water warm enough to kill legionellae bacteria—that said, if this is a major concern for your family, just opt for the peace of mind that a higher temperature affords. Not only will this reduce your risk of being scalded by water that is too hot, but it will also save you energy!


  • Natural light is another factor that can play a big part in your home’s energy consumption. An abundance of natural light, or a lack thereof, can cause your home to feel cooler or warmer than you might like. What’s more, a lack of natural light in your home can trick you into turning on more lights and sucking up more electricity. Investing in blinds and shades is a good way to control natural light!


  • Here’s another thing that might surprise you: Did you know that ceiling fans can be used during the summer and the winter? It’s true! Fans have different settings that suck up warm air during the summer and push warm air towards the ground during the winter.


  • Lastly, you can take advantage of off-peak hours to get a great deal on cheap electricity. Off-peak hours are times during which the energy grid is not under a lot of stress, generally in the evening and late at night. Learn more about the benefits of using off-peak electricity hours!


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