These 5 Apps Could Massively Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Energy app

When it comes to energy efficiency, information is key. To begin saving energy in your home, you’ll need to have a plan of attack for lowering those energy prices—and that means relevant data. But don’t worry: you don’t need to collect all that data by hand! These apps can give you information about how much energy you use, where you can purchase the best energy, and much more—plus most of them are free to download!


JouleBug makes energy efficiency fun by gamifying the process. The app has hundreds of unique achievements to discover and compare with your friends, all of which are related to increasing the energy efficiency in your home. JouleBug is free to download and is available on iOS and Android.

Power Cost Calculator

Power Cost Calculator helps determine how much energy your appliances and other devices consume when they are in standby mode—in other words, when they’re being “energy vampires.” This app breaks down this information based on the type of appliance and calculates how much energy you could save by simply unplugging your appliances when they aren’t in use. It is available to download on the Android Marketplace.

Wiser Home

Wiser Home is an intricate app that puts everything together into one convenient place. With Wiser Home, you can track your energy usage, as well as other circumstances that can influence that usage. Perhaps most importantly, this app also integrates a budget feature that allows you to compare all of its results with your energy budget. You can download Wiser Home on iOS and Android.

Energy Tracker

For accurately tracking your energy usage, Energy Tracker is one of the best. Energy Tracker makes it easy to track how much energy you are consuming in your household, and compare that with your energy bills to see where you can reasonably cut costs.

Two of the more useful features on Energy Tracker are the alarm reminders and export functionality. The alarm will keep you honest about inputting data each day, and the export functionality will allow you to export your data to an actual computer for easy analysis.

Energy Tracker is available on iOS for $0.99


The GasBuddy app, free on iOS, allows you to search for the cheapest gas prices in your area. Getting the cheapest gasoline is a simple way to increase your energy efficiency!


Here’s one more app we think you’ll like…Star Rewards! Through the Star Rewards loyalty program, you can earn cashback on many online purchases. Download the app on iOS or Android to learn more!