Tips for Getting the Most Out of Energy Saving Curtains

When thinking of ways to save energy around your home, you probably wouldn’t think of curtains. However, energy saving curtains, sometimes called insulated curtains, can do just that! Here we will explain what energy saving curtains are, what they can do for your home, and how they do it.

So what exactly are energy saving curtains? Essentially, they are drapery combined with a spongy insulation material that replaces regular curtains. Aside from the normal curtain benefits they provide, energy saving curtains absorb sunlight during the winter and deflect sunlight during the summer. This results in a warmer home during the winter and a cooler home during the summer. Due to their relatively low cost and energy saving benefits, installing energy saving curtains is a great way to save energy around your home.

You can also improve the efficiency of your energy saving curtains with a few simple modifications:

  • Install your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, or place a heat-trapping fixture above them, so that heat collected by the curtains does not escape.
  • Seal the curtains against the wall with some form of tape or adhesive. Magnetic tape is a great option that seals very well.
  • If possible, use floor-length curtains to cover a larger area.
  • Double up your curtains. Two sets of curtains per window will be more effective than just one.
  • Make sure there is caulk around your windows to help with energy efficiency. Caulk is cheap and easy to come by, so it is the perfect complement to energy saving curtains.

For more information about energy saving curtains, click here.

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