Energy Saving Tips From A Renewable Energy Provider

Save Energy This Winter With This Guide

When winter hits, you might hunker down inside more than you do during the summer months. Whether you have to endure a cold winter or not, you could see electricity prices rise due to your increased use of heat, lights, and other elements. The HVAC system is often one of the largest reasons your prices rise in the winter. But just because it’s cold, you shouldn’t have to pay obscene amounts of money to remain comfortable in your home. In order to reduce the amount of money, you have to spend on energy this winter, use these tips.

Tip 1: Turn Down The Water Heater

Hot showers always feel good in the winter, but you don’t have to scald yourself on a daily basis to warm up. Turn the water heater down to 120 degrees where you can still get the comfortable water you want without creating more energy use.

Tip 2: Turn The Thermostat Down

Instead of turning the heat up and on anytime you feel a chill, grab a sweater or start a fire. You don’t have to have the heat up to 70 degrees at all times. Make sure you turn the heat down when you are going to be away at the office or out of town for the weekend as well. That will all add up to big energy savings.

Tip 3: Cook Lots At Once

If you love to cook, make sure you cook plenty of extra meals when you are working on dinner. You don’t need to warm the oven up every day to make healthy meals. Create extra dishes and utilize leftovers here and there. You can save energy when you aren’t using the oven as much.

Tip 4: Look Into A Renewable Energy Provider

When you choose a renewable energy provider, like Star Energy Partners, you get a fixed rate plan that allows you to know what your bills are going to be every month, even throughout the winter. Plus, you get 100% renewable energy, which means you won’t be using sources that can’t be replaced. Instead, you’ll be using solar and wind power that the renewable energy provider transfers over to you when you need the energy.

Contact The Renewable Energy Provider

You can save energy in your home, even during the winter months. It’s as simple as taking a few conscious steps in the right direction. Eventually, the changes will become habits and you won’t even notice them anymore. If you are ready to go with a renewable energy provider, contact Star Energy Partners for a free estimate. We can even call your current utility company and get you switched over so it’s as simple and easy as possible on you.