Empowering Chicago Residents to Choose Renewable Energy

Saving the earth doesn’t mean sacrificing your electricity or your budget. You can reduce your carbon footprint and find major savings by switching to Star Energy Partners. We bring the power to the people and help you save the earth as you save on your bills. With our monthly fixed rate and green energy solutions, Chicago residents can do their part to save the planet. Simply choose to save.

Star Energy Partners Diagram

Supporting the Clean Energy Cycle

We are proud to partner with and support green energy suppliers in all types of clean energy. When you switch to our renewable energy solutions, your decision allows you to support the the industry you are using. Every time you pay your low fixed rate, a portion of it goes to the suppliers who are providing your electricity. They use it to expand solar power plants and wind farms, and create new jobs in the green energy industry. Your decision helps Chicago energy suppliers invest in new renewable energy and advance technology. This means that even more renewable energy will be available to Chicago residents and you’ll have even bigger savings.

Becoming a Partner in Alternative Energy

We don’t only partner with our energy suppliers, we also partner with you. We want to build solid partnerships that help save the earth, with the people providing the energy as well as the people consuming it. We believe this helps everyone contribute to a better earth. Simply request a quote to see how helping the earth can also help your wallet. We offer low, fixed rates that take the surprise out of your electricity bill. It’s price protected too, with absolutely no surprise fees and hidden charges. When you compare your current bill to your quote, it’s an easy choice to make. We’ll notify your utility provider that you are now a Star Energy Partner and you can relax knowing you’re doing your part to save the planet.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.