Empowering Naperville Residents to Choose Sustainable Energy

By letting us provide you with 100% green energy, you’ll be able to feel good about your energy consumption. You’ll also be able to feel good about your saving because when you switch to alternative energy, we give you a low fixed rate in place of your current unpredictable energy bill. With one simple choice, Naperville residents can help contribute to a better earth by choosing green energy.

Create More Green Energy with Star Energy Partners

Completing the Clean Energy Cycle

When you switch to alternative energy, you’re actively investing in Naperville’s renewable energy infrastructure. Every month a part of your energy bill goes right back to the energy suppliers who use it to expand their energy plants and build new ones. It allows them to create new jobs, research new energy sources, and develop more efficient technology. Ultimately, this benefits you. As energy suppliers more effectively produce green energy it lowers costs, providing you with even greater savings. With a simple choice, you can help advance Naperville green energy resources and increase your savings.

Becoming a Partner in Renewable Energy

We value our relationships with our energy suppliers and consumers so much that we think of them as partners. We believe the best way to create a better earth is together, through strong partnerships that benefit all parties. That’s why we call ourselves Star Energy Partners and that’s why we want to partner with you. Just request a quote and compare it to your current unpredictable energy bill. When you see what you can save by switching to our low fixed rate, you’ll see just how easy switching can be. Being a part of Star Energy means investing in the future and your savings. Simply choose to save.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.