About Our Electricity Company

What a Power Company Should Be

Star Energy Partners is not a traditional energy provider. We’re a partner who can change how you see your electric bill. Our mission is to make the process simple and straightforward, empowering people to find the energy solution that meets their needs. We deliver the full range of options for commercial and residential customers, including traditional and green energy. Our management team works with cutting edge technologies and industry leading suppliers to provide you with the latest innovations and services. We’ll help you select the right plan for you and the planet.


Our Commitments to You

100% Green Energy

We believe in paving a cleaner, safer, and better future for all of us through the creation and expansion of more green energy. When you purchase energy through us, you’re directly supporting a renewable energy infrastructure in your region—including wind farms, solar energy plants, and continuous research & development.

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Fixed Low Rates & Price Protection

When you sign up for a 36-month energy agreement, we track down the best prices through our proprietary analytics engine at the best term for you. Electricity markets shift all the time, so we lock you in at the lowest rate for the “price segment” that saves you the most money. Most providers sign you up and forget about you, but at Star Energy Partners, we’re constantly searching for the next set of low prices to pass on directly to you!


No Breakage Fees

Making the choice to go green shouldn’t mean taking a risk. Other companies use the threat of early-termination fees to keep you locked into your contract. We’re so confident in our rates and services that we give you the freedom to opt out at any time with no early-termination fees if you aren’t 100% satisfied. You can leave your contract at any time with no penalty, no messy paperwork!

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Simplicity and Transparency

Most energy companies keep things as complicated as they can. We’re a different kind of company. We keep it simple. We don’t make more money if you use more power. We charge a straightforward fee of just pennies per day to transform the way you pay for energy. We give you a platform to buy green energy at low prices that you choose, clearly explaining the hows and whys along the way.

How We Empower You and Help the Planet

We partner with green energy suppliers and utility companies to help connect our residential and business customers—also called partners—with savings opportunities and an easy way to do something good for the planet. When you sign up with us, we’ll lock you in at a great fixed energy rate, protecting you from fluctuating energy prices. Your electricity bill will still come from your current utility company—it’s just as easy as it is today. Easier, actually, because Star Energy Partners Price Protection gives you the same energy rate each and every month.

We offer a variety of energy plans, including great plans that help foster the development of green energy. You can choose to support a variety of energy sources—wind, solar, and others. When you get your power from Star Energy Partners, you contribute to the prevention of nearly 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions polluting the air every year.