Solar Energy

The Power of Solar Energy

There are two ways energy from the sun can be converted in electrical power. Solar panels harness either light or heat created by the sun’s rays to generate electrical or thermal energy. This energy is then turned into the electricity in your power grid that powers your home or business. Advancements in solar panel technology has made them more effective and less costly, letting solar panels become a valuable energy resource and provide more people with clean energy.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

100% Green Energy

When you use solar energy, in place of fossil fuels, you are reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner earth. Fossil fuels generate toxic byproducts when they generate power; green energies, including solar energy, don’t. With over two million metric tons of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere every year, it’s important to take care of our planet.

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Naturally Replenishing Resource

Unlike using fossil fuels, using renewable energy doesn’t deplete its resources. Harnessing wind to generate power doesn’t make it any less windy, just like capturing sunlight to produce electrical energy doesn’t make the sun any dimmer. After you use coal to generate power, it’s gone and you have to go find more. This makes green energy more sustainable and a better alternative for the future.


Supports Infrastructure

Using solar energy helps expand its infrastructure. When you pay your energy bill every month, regional energy suppliers receive renewable energy credits that allow them to expand their solar panel plants as well as research and develop more effective solar panels and energy harnessing processes. When you use solar energy you aren’t just sustaining it, you’re actively advancing it.

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Creates Green Energy Jobs

As more people switch to green energy, the industry has to expand to accommodate for the added demand. As the industry expands more people are needed throughout the entire process to research, develop, install, maintain, and manufacture.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.