Empowering Rockford Residents to Choose Alternative Energy

You can finally feel good about your energy consumption when you switch to alternative energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint, as well as your energy bill. When you choose to make the change, we’ll provide you with our energy platform and let you choose your low fixed rate. With a simple choice, Rockford residents can save the earth and your budget. All you have to do is choose to save.

Infographic about Energy

Supporting the Green Energy Cycle

When you switch to green energy, you’re not only using it but you’re actively investing in it. When you use solar energy, you’re allowing your Rockford energy suppliers to build new solar panels, advance technology, and produce more energy with fewer costs. How? When you pay your energy bill, part of it goes back to the same Rockford energy suppliers that give you your energy. This gives them the incentives to expand, research, and develop, and ultimately comes back to help you. When our energy suppliers create energy at a lower cost, we’ll offer you lower prices, and you’ll have even bigger savings.

Becoming a Partner in Clean Energy

Besides building a better earth, our favorite part of spreading the clean energy movement is building strong partnerships with our energy suppliers. That’s why we call ourselves Star Energy Partners. We believe working with our energy suppliers is the best way to create energy solutions that benefit everyone. They aren’t our only partners though. We also want to partner with you. That’s why we offer low fixed prices with price protection, absolutely no hidden fees, and an easy transition. As soon as you see the price difference from your current unpredictable energy bill, you won’t think twice before switching to clean energy. We’ll even notify your electricity company that you’ve become a Star Energy Partner so you can relax knowing you’re doing your part in the clean energy movement.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.