Empowering Springfield Residents to Choose Sustainable Energy

Do you want to save on your energy bill and contribute to a better earth at the same time? By switching to green energy you can reduce your carbon footprint and get energy at a low fixed rate. With a simple choice, Springfield residents can save both the earth and their wallet.

Infographic about Green Energy

Supporting the Renewable Energy Cycle

Every time you pay your clean energy bill, you’re actually supporting the renewable energy industry. Part of every bill goes back to the same Springfield energy suppliers that provide you with your green energy. This allows them to research and develop new technologies and expand their energy plants. It creates new jobs and allows them to produce more energy with fewer expenses. Ultimately, this comes back and helps you. As our energy suppliers produce more and spend less, it will reduce the price of energy and give you even bigger savings. It also makes clean energy available to more Springfield residents and helps clean energy become Springfield’s energy solution.

Becoming a Partner in Alternative Energy

We believe in building strong partnerships to find the best energy solutions. That’s why we call ourselves Star Energy Partners. We think of everyone, from energy suppliers to energy consumers, as partners in the renewable energy movement. Only together can we reduce over two million tons of carbon emissions that pollute our air every year. That’s why we want to partner with you, and why we make it so easy. Simply request a quote and compare it to your current unpredictable electrical bill. Once you see the savings our low fixed rate provides, you’ll see how saving the earth can also save your wallet. We’ll even notify your current electricity company that you’ve become a Star Energy Partner so all you have to do is choose to save.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.