Empowering Akron Residents to Choose Renewable Energy

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity rates at the same time? Star Energy Partners brings the power to the people. With one simple choice, Akron residential electricity customers can save the planet and balance out unstable bills. Your home will be fueled by green energy and your electricity prices will be consistent from month to month. Simply choose to save.

How Star Energy Partners Works Infographic

Spinning the Clean Energy Cycle

Clean energy is a breeze. In fact, wind energy is one of several alternative energy sources you support when you choose sustainable energy. Your decision allows Akron electricity providers to research new green energy sources like hydro energy and biomass energy. Each time you pay your power bill, a portion goes toward developing Akron’s infrastructure through incentives to build new wind farms and solar energy plants. That means even more renewable energy will be available for Akron residents. Just like a windmill, the cycle goes round and around as we get closer to making alternative energy the only energy Akron needs.

Becoming a Partner in Alternative Energy

We call ourselves Star Energy Partners because we build solid partnerships with energy suppliers who offer green energy. They aren’t our only partners, though. We want to partner with you. That’s right. Just request a quote to see how saving the planet will save your wallet. When you compare your current, unpredictable bill to Star Energy Partners’ fixed rate with price protection, it’s an easy choice to make. We’ll let the electricity company know you’ve become a Star Energy Partner. You just enjoy your new, consistent bill and peace of mind.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.