Choose Renewable Energy in Allentown

It’s great when your choices save you money, but what if you could make a choice that will save the planet, too? Allentown residents have the right to decide where their energy comes from. You can contribute to a better world by switching to alternative energy. When you do, you’ll get a fixed rate with price protection. Goodbye, fossil fuels. Hello, clean energy.

Star Energy Partner Infographic

Encourage Clean Energy

Your contribution to the green energy movement might seem like no big deal, but in reality, every Allentown resident who switches makes a big impact. Every time one of our residential partners pays an electric bill, the electricity company funds more alternative energy research to make renewables like wind energy and hydro energy more efficient. Your monthly bill also funds incentives for solar energy plants and new wind farms. With more resources available, we can reduce dependence on energy sources that damage the earth. When was the last time your cable bill saved the world?

Get Started with Alternative Energy

You can’t go green if you don’t get going, so how do you switch to renewable energy? First off, get a quote. Star Energy Partners lets you compare your current bill to the fixed rate bill you could be enjoying. When you decide you want to partner with us, we will handle the energy suppliers. Since we partner closely with them, we can guarantee 100% clean, renewable energy powers your home. We’ll lock in your rate and you can opt out at any time with no breakage fees.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.