Empowering Cincinnati Residents to Choose Clean Energy

Choosing clean energy isn’t a difficult choice. Everyone wants to help the planet we live on, but not everyone knows they can do that and save on their electricity bill. By becoming a Star Energy partner, we will help you power your home using 100% green energy as well as provide you a price-protected low fixed rate. From using wind energy to solar energy and everything in between, Cincinnati residents can rest assured they are doing their part in the renewable energy movement.

How it Works

Completing the Alternative Energy Cycle

Every time you pay your Star Energy bill, a piece of it goes to the energy suppliers producing your electricity. They take these credits to advance technology, expand the industry, and invest in research and development. When you switch to alternative energy, you’re not only using clean energy but you are actively supporting it. As more people use and invest in green energy, more green energy is available to Cincinnati residents. As more green energy is available, more people will use it. You help complete the alternative energy cycle that helps everyone invest in a cleaner earth.

Becoming a Partner in Green Energy

We call everyone we work with a partner because we believe in building strong relationships with everyone from the people who provide the energy to the people who consume it. After you’ve compared your unpredictable energy bill to your low fixed Star Energy rate, we know you’ll choose to become a partner in the renewable energy movement. Not only does it save your wallet, but it saves the earth. Simply choose to save.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.