Empowering Columbus Residents to Choose Clean Energy

We have the same solution for savings on your electricity bill and saving the earth. Switching to Star Energy partners ensures you a low, fixed rate and powers your home with 100% green energy. With one simple choice, Columbus electricity customers can join the renewable energy movement and do their part to contribute to a better earth.

Create More Green Energy

Finishing the Alternative Energy Cycle

By using clean energy, you’re actively supporting the sustainable energy industry. When you pay your low fixed rate, a portion of that goes back to Columbus energy suppliers. They use it to invest in new energy sources, like biomass energy and hydro energy, as well as expand current wind farms and solar power plants. By switching to clean energy you’re investing in Columbus’s green energy infrastructure and helping it grow. Like the turbines used in wind energy, as consumers support clean energy, clean energy advances, grows, and gives back to its consumers.

Becoming a Partner in Renewable Energy

We value our relationships with everyone we work with including our energy suppliers and consumers. That’s why we call you our partner. Only together can we contribute to a better earth by choosing green energy, so we make choosing green energy easy. When you compare your current, unpredictable electrical bill with our low fixed rate, you won’t have any trouble deciding to switch. We’ll even notify your utility provider for you. With price protection and no hidden fees, saving the earth and saving your wallet just became the same thing. Simply choose to save.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.