Empowering Dayton Residents to Choose Alternative Energy

Are you looking to save on your electricity bills as well as contribute to a cleaner earth? If so, there is an easy solution. With one simple choice, Dayton electricity customers can secure a low fixed rate and power their homes with 100% renewable energy. At Star Energy, we want to help you do your part in supporting green energy, so we make it easy. All you have to do is choose to save.

Receive a Fixed Rate

Supporting the Green Energy Cycle

Clean energy gives back to its consumers as much as it gives back to the earth. As you use green energy you help expand the green energy industry. Every time you pay your bill, a portion of it goes to Dayton energy suppliers. Through incentives to support the infrastructure, they expand energy plants and invest in new ones, like biomass energy and hydro energy. They are able to invest in research and development so that green energy becomes the only energy Dayton needs.

Becoming a Partner in Renewable Energy

We build strong partnerships with our energy suppliers who produce green energy. They aren’t our only partners though. We also partner with you and other energy consumers to complete the clean energy cycle. By building relationships with the supplier and consumer, we are able to help you get the best rates while still powering your home with 100% clean energy. Our low fixed rate is price protected, ensuring you’ll get the same savings every month. Compare that to your current, unpredictable energy bill and you won’t think twice about switching. Never has saving the earth been so easy.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.