Empowering Erie Residents to Choose Renewable Energy

At Star Energy, we bring the power back to the people. We give Erie electricity customers the ability to save on their electricity bill and simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint. With a simple choice, you can switch from your unstable electricity to a low fixed rate. This easy switch means we’ll be able to provide you with 100% green energy and you can feel good about your energy consumption. It helps the earth and helps you save.

Become a Star Energy Partner Infographic

Completing the Clean Energy Cycle

Clean energy is a cycle that needs you to complete it. Using clean energy in your home supports, invests in, and expands Erie’s renewable energy infrastructure. Our energy suppliers receive a portion of your low fixed rate to build new green energy plants and invest in research and development. This means developing new sources of green energy, like biomass and hydro energy, and creating even more cost effective forms of current ones, like wind and solar energy. As you invest in green energy with already great savings, it advances and provides you with even lower rates and even greater savings. With you, green energy can become the only energy solution Erie needs.

Becoming a Partner in Alternative Energy

We call ourselves Star Energy Partners because we believe strong partnerships are the best way to contribute to a better, cleaner earth. That’s why we value our relationships with our energy suppliers who provide us with reliable green energy, but also with you. We want to provide you with the best solution for green energy so we make sure you have price protected low rates that provide maximum savings. Simply request a quote and compare that to your current, unpredictable energy bill. When you see the difference, switching to clean energy will be easy. You’ll be able to save the earth and save your wallet.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.