Empowering Paterson Residents to Choose Renewable Energy

We want to make saving the earth an option for everyone. That’s why we work with our energy suppliers to give you a low fixed rates that maximizes your savings. With one simple choice, Paterson residents can reduce their carbon footprint and save on their energy bill. There shouldn’t have to be a choice between the two, so we make sure there isn’t. All you have to do is choose to save.

What Happens When You Become a Star Energy Partner

Spinning the Alternative Energy Cycle

With every bill you pay, a portion of it goes back to the Paterson energy suppliers who provide you with your energy. They take this as an opportunity to grow their energy plants and build new ones, research new energy resources, and develop advanced energy technology. This allows them to produce more energy at a lower cost, which ultimately helps you. As more people use alternative energy, our suppliers are able to produce more energy with lower expenses, dropping the price of energy and giving you even more savings.

Becoming a Partner in Green Energy

We believe the best way to provide clean energy solutions is by working together and building strong partnerships. That’s why we call ourselves Star Energy Partners and focus on building relationships with both our energy supplier partners and energy consumer partners. Saving the planet isn’t something you can do alone. That’s why we want to partner with you. Just request a quote and and compare our low fixed rate to your current electricity bill. Once you see the savings, you’ll see just how easy switching to green energy can be. Simply choose to save.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.