Alternative Energy

How to Use Alternative Energy

Alternative energy covers everything from solar energy to hydroelectric energy. It utilizes renewable sources to generate power without releasing toxic waste and harmful carbon emissions. Using advanced technology, like wind turbines and solar panels, alternative energy is able to produce the electricity in your power grid, all while helping the planet.

The Benefits of Switching to Alternative Energy

Promote a Cleaner Earth

Technically, fossil fuels are a natural resource but that doesn’t make them renewable or a clean source of energy. By switching to alternative energy you use natural resources that don’t destroy the planet to generate power and electricity. Hydro energy harnesses energy generated by moving water and geothermal energy uses natural produced heat to produce electricity without creating carbon emissions.

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Price Protection & Low Rates

When you switch to green, alternative energy we offer you an energy platform that lets you pick your low cost. No matter how energy prices fluctuate, you still pay the same fixed rate every month. With no hidden fees or unexpected charges, there are no surprises on your monthly bill.


No Cancellation Fees

We won’t lock you into a contract; we don’t need to. After experiencing the benefits of using green energy to power your home and having a low, fixed monthly rate, you’re sure to love our service. We’re so confident we even make sure there aren’t any early termination fees.

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It’s Easy

The hardest part of switching to alternative energy is signing up. Once you’ve done that we’ll take care of everything and even notify your utility provider of the change. You’ll remain on your same billing schedule and be billed by the same provider with no interruption of service. The only difference is who’s producing your electricity.

Contribute to a better Earth by choosing green energy.