5 Ways to Save on an Electric Bill in the Bedroom

You may spend the majority of your time in the bedroom sleeping, but there are ways to save on an electric bill while you’re awake or asleep.

While the bedroom isn’t typically the room in the house that uses the most electricity, there are some measures you can take to ensure that it is drawing energy as efficiently as possible. If you’re trying to find some specific ways to increase your home’s overall energy efficiency and cut back on your electricity bill, it’s worth scrutinizing the amount of electricity your bedroom uses.

Take a look at these five ways you can save on an electric bill in a typical bedroom:

  1. Check your windows for air leaks. Your bedroom needs to be comfortable so you can sleep in peace, and that means avoiding major temperature changes that can occur with small air leaks. Use caulk to repair small holes or upgrade your windows to more efficient models.
  2. Use a light dimmer. If you spend time reading in bed before sleeping, keep your lights dimmed so you can have ample lighting without illuminating the entire room needlessly.
  3. Paint your walls a light color. The lighter your walls are, the brighter your room will be, during night and day. That means you’ll be less reliant on artificial light and you’ll use less electricity.
  4. Don’t leave your mobile devices plugged in. It’s a habit for many people to leave their phones charging overnight. This can sap an unnecessary amount of electricity even after your phone is done charging.
  5. Keep your vents clean and unblocked. Avoid placing furniture on or near your vents, and clean them out regularly to ensure an efficient temperature distribution in your home.

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