8 Creative Household Tricks to Stay Cool and Save Money on Electricity

Heating and cooling costs are the most expensive elements of most electricity bills, and the extreme temperatures of the summer could leave you either suffering from the heat or paying extra to keep your house at a reasonable temperature.

Fortunately, those two results are not your only options. Making small adjustments to your home and your habits could ultimately keep your house cooler throughout the season, while allowing you to save money on electricity by avoiding the constant running of your air conditioner.

Try these eight creative household tricks to save money on electricity in your home this summer:

  1. Block sunlight. During the day, use white or brightly colored blinds to shield open windows from the heat of the sun. At night, open them back up.
  2. Do household chores at night. Running appliances and moving around the house during the daytime will generate extra heat, making you feel hotter. Instead, do your chores at night.
  3. Shade your home with trees. Use landscaping to protect your home from the harshness of direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid using the stove or oven. Especially during the day, these appliances can add extra heat to your home.
  5. Close rooms off. By isolating the rooms of your house, you can control which rooms you actively keep cool and therefore cool a smaller area.
  6. Use ceiling fans. Open windows and run ceiling fans to distribute fresh, cool air throughout the house.
  7. Keep damp towel in the refrigerator. Compress them to your face and body when you feel too warm.
  8. Install and use attic vents. The attic of your home heats quickly and stays hot because of the direct sunlight hitting the roof. Use vents to clear out this extra hot air.

If you’re interested in finding more ways to save money on electricity, consider switching to Star Energy Partners. We help you find the best ways to maximize your energy usage and ultimately keep your electricity costs low.