Guy putting in new solar panels on roof

5 Benefits of Choosing a Renewable Energy Provider

The Perks of a Renewable Energy Provider

Making the switch from a traditional electricity company to a renewable energy provider has a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to financial gains and an improvement to your health. Here is a list of five important facts to consider when looking into changing the way you consume energy.

1. It Won’t Run Out

When you think about the different regions of the country, or even different regions of some states, they each are wonderfully unique, and each have a slightly different sustainable energy source to offer. Whether it be the sun’s rays, strong winds, moving water, or heat from the earth, all of these elements replenish themselves so they are essentially endless. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are not guaranteed to last forever, so it just makes sense to make the shift over to a renewable energy provider.  

2. Facilities Need Less Maintenance

One thing that might not come immediately to mind when you think of switching from your traditional electricity company over to a renewable energy provider is how the actual facilities are run. Fact is that the facilities you will get your sustainable energy from actually require much less maintenance than those of fossil fuels, and have a much lower cost of overall operations. There is initially a higher cost to develop and implement a renewable energy facility, but having lower maintenance cost can help to make up that investment, and put them financially ahead in the long run—ultimately lowering your costs.

3. Renewables Help the Economy

Development of renewable energy technologies and infrastructure has the potential to create a substantial number of new jobs in the United States. Fossil fuel technologies are usually mechanized and capital intensive, which doesn’t offer a lot of room for hiring new employees. Renewable energy, on the other hand, is more labor-intensive so the facilities require more real employees to make them function, therefore creating more jobs. Another benefit that renewable energy can have on the economy is reducing the need to get oil from foreign sources. We could potentially source much more from our own reservoirs of steam, or harness solar and wind energy, rather than depending on foreign countries.  

4. Renewable Energy Reduces Pollution

Choosing a renewable energy provider is a great way to do your part to help protect and improve the environment. These alternative sources include wind, solar, hydroelectricity, and biomass, and can be harnessed to power homes, vehicles, and businesses. By using these sources you will be reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that you emit into the environment.

5. It’s Better For Everyone’s Health

Obviously emissions like hazardous pollutants are regulated by the government for a reason. They are extremely harmful to anyone who breathes them or comes into contact with them. Americans spend billions of dollars annually treating conditions that are related to fossil fuels such as cancer, neurological problems, and heart disease. Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn and understand that using less of these fossil fuels and more green energy would be beneficial to our health.