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Reducing Electricity Use With A Green Energy Provider

Reducing Electricity Use: Tips From A Green Energy Provider

Reducing energy use in your home saves money, increases energy security as a whole, and reduces pollution that is emitted from non-renewable energy sources. Because you can accomplish all of those same goals by signing up with a green energy provider, reducing electricity use and using green energy go hand in hand. Here are some of the best ways to reduce electricity use in your home.

Appliances And Electronics

Whenever you buy new electric items, make sure they are energy efficient. You will also want to operate them efficiently by unplugging them whenever they are not in use. If they are not easy to unplug, get advanced power strips that will reduce the vampire electric use (electricity that is wasted when electronics are plugged in, but not being used).


Get energy-efficient bulbs and products, and open up your windows so you can use more natural daylight in the home. Energy-efficient windows can help you let the light in while keeping the heat of the sun out. Consider skylights and other options to let in the natural light so you use less overhead lighting and lamps in your home.

Electric Heating And Cooling

Get some energy-efficient electric space heating and cooling devices that you can turn on and off in certain rooms as needed. Make sure your home is insulated and sealed well so you don’t waste any of the energy you produce.

Electric Water Heating

Get an electric water heater and operate it only when necessary. There are even energy-efficient water heaters that don’t use electricity at all! You’ll notice that once you start looking for ways to save electricity, you’ll find them in places you’d never expect.

Time-Based Rates

In order to reduce the power demand at peak times, some utility companies have programs that encourage customers to use electricity during off-peak times. The programs allow you to save money through reduced rates and rebates. You can get a smart meter to manage your home electricity system in order to program how and when your home uses energy. If you can shift your power use to off-peak times, you can save money on electricity. It can be as simple as watching when you run your dishwasher and washing machine and other large items. Wait until night and you can do well on this type of program.

Get Your Electricity From A Green Energy Provider

Once you’ve committed to saving money and the planet, you should go the next step and sign up with a green energy provider. Since renewable energy is often far cheaper, you’ll start saving money while you help save the planet. And with Star Energy, since we’re committed to helping the planet and your wallet, we will always try to find more ways to help you reduce your electricity use. The tips listed above are just a few ways that you can do your part, but stay tuned for even more ways to save.