PUCO Backed Utility Tips for Small Businesses to Save Money on Electricity

As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring the profitability of your enterprise, and that means controlling costs. While some business owners write utility costs off as an unpreventable and predictable expense, the reality is it’s not difficult to save money on electricity.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), a regulatory organization focused on maintaining fair rates and supplies to Ohioans, often features publications dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners save money on electricity and better understand their utility service. Consider these six PUCO-backed tips for small businesses to save money on electricity:

  1. Read your bills rather than just paying them. It will help you notice any problems early on. If you notice an exceptionally high or low charge, contact your utility supplier to investigate.
  2. Understand why and how you are charged. Look at all charges and rates on your electric bill. If you don’t understand them, do some quick research or call your utility supplier for more information.
  3. Keep track of your usage. See if your electricity usage increases during certain months, and evaluate how you’re using electricity differently to accommodate those changes.
  4. Keep your temperature under control. If nobody’s in your office, don’t bother regulating the temperature. Keep your office cooler in winter and warmer in summer—even a few degrees can add up to a significant decrease in expenditure.
  5. Use energy efficient appliances. You don’t have to replace them all at once, but if you have the option, go with energy efficient models.
  6. Take advantage of government programs. Many state and federal loans and grants are available for businesses that take measures for energy efficiency.

While it’s possible to perform an energy audit and overhaul your current energy use model, it doesn’t take much effort to significantly impact your electricity consumption as a business. Stay informed, manage your energy wisely, and keep reading the Star Energy Partners blog!